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VetChoice Dog Kennel Deck Platforms
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The VetChoice Platform is the perfect solution for providing a sanitary, yet comfortable surface for dogs in cages, dog runs, dog kennels, etc. Constructed from a non-porous plastic material that will prevent the accumulation and growth of mold, mildew or insects. Each platform measures 2 feet wide by 2 long. The platform can be easily cut with a saw for a custom fit. Each section weighs approximately 3 lbs.

Vetchoice Platforms for Dog Kennels

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Vet-Choice Kennel Decking for Dog Kennels

1 or 5 Vet-Choice Platforms

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Most customers order 6 to 10 VetChoice kennel decks to fit a portion of their dog kennel. However, if you want to completely cover your kennel with the VetChoice kennel decking here is a guide on how many you will need to order. You may have to cut some Vet Choice decks depending on the size of the dog kennel.

Size of Dog KennelVetChoice Kennel Decks Needed
4' W x 8' L8
6' W x 8' L12
7.5' W x 7.5' L16
8' W x 8' L16
7' W x 12' L24
7.5' W x 13' L28
10' W x 10' L25
10' W x 20' L50
5' W x 5' L7
5' W x 10' L13
5' W x 15' L19


INSTALLATION: VetChoice Platforms are best installed on a solid level surface. If installed on grass, cover your grass with a tarp or similar material for a few days to flatten the area.

ASSEMBLY: Join together the VetChoice interlocking caps and plugs. The interlock extending caps can be removed if desired to provide a clean "finished" look. You can remove the cap by bending the cap down where it meets with the deck, and carefully cutting it off at the bend with a household utility knife or a pair of tin snips.

To join two or more sections together in a more permanent installation (for easy handling of multiple sections) a mechanical fastener can be applied through the countersunk pilot holes located in each cap and plug interlock. Fasten deck sections together with a metal or plastic screw. Be sure to countersink the screws to help protect your pet from raised screw edges. Self-tapping stainless steel pan head #10-3/4 screws are recommended for connecting platforms. You can use longer screws if securing platforms to a substrate. Stainless steel screws can be purchased at most hardware and home-improvement stores.

VetChoice Platforms are modularly designed to fit within most standard dog kennels with little or no effort. The Platforms can be trimmed to fit custom areas and non-standard dog kennel sizes. To downsize, simply cut the platform along the grooves between sections using a small handsaw or table saw. When using a saw or equipment, please follow the safety directions. Always use safety glasses or eyewear.

CLEANING: VetChoice Platform's integrated grooves facilitate the removal of waste material from the kennel area when cleaning. These platform grooves also serve to carry waste away from your pet's living surface, providing a cleaner and physically healthier environment. The platforms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with common household cleaners. You can also talk to your local vet and get advice on what cleaners they would recommend. There are a lot of good products that are environmentally friendly and safe for pets. To help protect your pet, thoroughly rinse away any cleaning products before returning your VetChoice Platforms to use.

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