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How to Install Instant Dog Kennel Flooring

1. Simply roll out the kennel flooring at the location you've selected for your dog kennel. You can install your kennel floor with either side facing up. You may find creases where it was folded during shipping; the creases will not affect the performance of the floor and will eventually disappear once stretched out and installed.

2. Tap in the anchors through the material, making sure the kennel flooring is pulled tightly. Anchors included.

3. The kennel floor is manufactured slightly larger than the footprint of the kennel. Center your Dog Kennel Fencing on top of the Instant Kennel Floor ensuring that the edges of the floor are on the outside of the kennel. This helps prevent the dog from pulling up the edges.

4. Add your favorite pet and you're done!

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CLEANING: To clean your Instant Kennel Floor, simply hose it off. From time to time apply a disinfectant appropriate for use in kennels and hose off as usual. Note: The Instant Kennel Flooring is a heavy-duty, woven textile and is not designed to meet the standards of clothing grade fabric. As such, your floor may contain some minor inconsistencies in the weave. These will not affect its strength or utility.

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