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Frequently Asked Questions for Ultra Aluminum Fence

Can I install my aluminum fence on a slope?

Ultra’s standard punched rail will allow for a racking of approximately 6”. If you need a steeper degree of racking, Ultra will double punch the horizontal rails to allow up to 20” of racking and can triple punch to allow for up to 36”. This service requires no special drawings, but should be clearly called out on your order. There is no charge for this service.

I want to put the aluminum fence sections between pillars, how far a part should the pillars be?

When installing one section between pillars the ideal spacing is 72″. When installing two sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 144 1/2″. When installing three sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 217″. When installing four sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 289 1/2″. Standard rail ends are used to secure the sections to the pillars. If using adjustable rail ends you might have to trim the sections back. (Calculation used: # of sections x 72″, add two inches for every line post, then subtract 3/4″ for every side of a line post.)

Can I get sections wider than 6 feet?

Residential grade sections can special ordered 7′ wide for an additional 35%. Commercial and Industrial sections can be special ordered 8′ wide for an additional 40%. These are a special order and are non-returnable.

How wide are the sections (standard width)?

The standard width for residential sections are 6′ wide. The sections will fit into end/corner/line posts 3/4″ and secured with screws.

What colors are available?

Ultra Fencing, Railing, Gates and Designer Accessories are available in nine classic colors – Black, Satin Black, Bronze, Satin Bronze, Beige, Satin Khaki, White, Satin White, Forest Green

Will Ultra Aluminum™ fences contain my dog, and keep other animals out?

To ensure the safety of pets, Ultra recommends our UAF-201 and UAS-101 styles; Residential Series and Residential Series Premium with 1-5/8” picket spacing, or Commercial Series and Commercial Series Premium with 1-1/2” picket spacing. Or you can choose to add short staggered pickets to the bottom of any fence style, for a classic ‘puppy protection’ look.

Can Ultra Aluminum™ fences be installed in a rounded or curved configuration, or sharp angles?

Yes, fence panels can be shifted directionally up to 30 degrees; this slight adjustment at each post creates a rounded effect. Tighter curves may be achieved using narrower panels, or standard panels may be cut. However, the panels must not be rounded or bent, as this will compromise the structural integrity. Horizontal and vertical adjustable rail ends are specifically designed to connect to the horizontal rail of the fence panel, making it possible to negotiate sharp angles. Adjustable mounting brackets can be attached to structures such as pillars, columns or other posts.

Can Ultra Aluminum™ fence be used as railing?

Ultra Aluminum™ does not recommend or condone using its fences for safe use as railing. Ultra does not assume liability for improper, unintended, or illegal use of its products. Code compliance is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Are Ultra Aluminum™ products imported?

No they are not. Ultra is proud to only use American made components in all its products. Unlike most competitors, all Ultra™ fence components are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Always look for the Made In The USA label when deciding which fence products to use.

How do Ultra Aluminum™ fence and railing products compare to similar steel or wrought iron products?

The biggest advantage to an Ultra Aluminum™ product is its maintenance-free characteristics. Unlike steel or wrought iron, Ultra products won’t rust and its Powercoat™ paint finish is guaranteed for life. Powercoat™ finish is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical baked finish, and meets AMMA 2604-5 standards for the ultimate in durability and UV protection. And strength is never compromised with an Ultra product. Its high-strength Ultrum™ Alloy is as strong as steel and has been tested to withstand hurricane wind gust up to 259 mph.

Do you have close up pictures of the posts? 

Yes, click here.

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