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Ultra Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fencing Shipping Information

Zone 1 Freight
Ultra will pay the freight charges on aluminum fence orders over $3,750.00.
If your order is below $3,750.00 then the freight charges can be determined below.

Zone 2 Freight
Ultra will pay the freight charges on aluminum fence orders over $4,750.00.
If your order is below $4,750.00 then the freight charges can be determined below.

Zone 3 Freight
Ultra will pay the freight charges on aluminum fence orders over $9,100.00.
If your order is below $9,100.00 then the freight charges can be determined below.

Most large aluminum fence orders are shipped by LTL (less than truckload - large truck)

Alabama $305.00Maine $290.00Ohio $206.00
Arizona $380.00Maryland $260.00Oklahoma $314.00
Arkansas $283.00Massachusetts $300.00Oregon $514.00
California $441.00Michigan $166.00Pennsylvania $246.00
Colorado $355.00Minnesota $240.00Rhode Island $304.00
Connecticut $260.00Mississippi $315.00South Carolina $324.00
Delaware $245.00Missouri $250.00South Dakota $452.00
Florida $420.00Montana $434.00Tennessee $292.00
Georgia $296.00Nebraska $290.00Texas $354.00
Idaho $540.00Nevada $455.00Utah $486.00
Illinois $220.00New Hampshire $314.00Vermont $268.00
Indiana $205.00New Jersey $308.00Virginia $286.00
Iowa $230.00New Mexico $432.00Washington $490.00
Kansas $260.00New York $295.00West Virginia $225.00
Kentucky $220.00North Carolina $270.00Wisconsin $210.00
Louisiana $340.00North Dakota $498.00Wyoming $464.00

There will be a $130.00 charge for all orders shipping to a residential area address. Additional charges may apply for locations with limited accessibility. In most cases, cantilever gates requiring private trucks do not qualify for free freight.

If you have a small order and it can be shipped by UPS then freight costs will usually be a lot less.

Large aluminum orders are usually shipped on a large semi truck. If you have concerns about the truck getting to your address please notify us before placing the order. If you require a lift gate or a smaller interline truck, this will be an extra fee. Additional information can be found on our policy page.

When ordering aluminum products online the shipping is not calculated. You will be contacted after your order is received.

The above is only for US destinations (48 contiguous states), there will be an extra charge for Alaska and Hawaii.

Service charges, taxes, re-consignment, storage, redelivery, C.O.D. Fees, etc. are the customer’s responsibility.

Damaged/Loss Shipments
Although Ultra makes every effort to assure that your shipment arrives safely, sometimes damage or loss does occur. If the following procedures are observed, the problem will be resolved in the most efficient way possible.

All orders must be carefully inspected by the customer upon delivery. Please be sure the number of boxes delivered matches the number of boxes indicated on the Bill of Lading. It is also critically important to examine the shipment for any possible damage. If any boxes are missing or if any boxes appear to be damaged, please indicate this on the driver’s and customer’s shipping documents. Immediately contact Ultra Sales Support so we may assist in the resolution of any shipping issues. In order to make a claim for damages, you must notify the carrier immediately. A representative of the carrier company will inspect the shipment, packaging material, and the containers. Upon completion of the inspection, you must file a claim and include the following documents:

1) Original Bill of Lading
2) Copy of Paid Freight Bill
3) Original Invoice
4) Repair Invoice or Replacement Invoice
5) Inspection Report
6) Packing List

Any claims against the carrier for damages or shortages are the sole responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for freight charges, replacement materials, filing of claims, or collecting of claims. Damaged goods cannot be shipped back to Ultra without prior, written approval. We will help you in any way we can to collect any claims written against the carrier.

Ultra will accept returns only after prior written authorization from Ultra Management. Returns on special orders and non-standard products will not be accepted. These include; special heights, special lengths, styles with short spears, concave, convex & staggered spears, sections that include decorative accessories, any gates, white, beige, green or khaki panels. Returns will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee in addition to the cost of all freight charges. After inspection, any material that Ultra deems damaged or unacceptable will be issued credit for scrap value only. All items must be in their original cartons and all accessories (i.e. caps, screws etc.) must be included for full credit. All items should be returned freight prepaid unless otherwise arranged by Ultra.


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