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How to order Aluminum Fence

This example shows what materials are needed for the picture to the right. If you need help determining what materials you need for your aluminum fence - fax, mail or call us with your layout.

Step 1: Order your aluminum fence sections

24 sections (Sections are 6 feet wide. Most fence jobs people have to cut down at least one section. Sections come preassembled for easy installation.

Step 2: Order your aluminum fence posts
5 End Post, 3 Corner Posts, 17 Line Posts, 1 T Post (Usually the posts are 2 or 3 feet longer than the overall height of the fence.) Standard caps are included with the posts. Fancy ball caps are available.

Step 3: Order gate and gate hardware if needed

Standard hinges and a latch are included with each gate. Please note: When ordering a gate, the actual width of the gate will be a few inches narrower. For example, a 48 inch wide gate will fit a 48" wide opening (inside to inside post dimensions). The gate will be a few inches narrower than 48" to accommodate the latch and hinges. Please call if you need a customized size of gate.

Step 4: Order any additional accessories if needed
Ball caps, self closing hinges, etc..

Aluminum Fence Diagram on how to order
Please e-mail info@yourfencestore.com for any questions regarding aluminum fence.

We recommend faxing or mailing a sketch of your property layout to us. We'll provide a quote and all of the materials required for your fence job.
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