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Aluminum Ornamental Fence

Shop Drawings for Ultra Aluminum Fence

If you want the bottom rail to be flush with the pickets please call to order.

UAS-100 Spear Point (Adobe PDF file)

UAS-150  Staggered Spear (Adobe PDF file)

UAF-200  Flat Top (Adobe PDF file)

UAF-200  Flat Top Modified (Adobe PDF file)

UAB-200 Flat Top 48" Modified Flush Bottom  Pool Fence  (Adobe PDF file)

UAF-200 Flat Top 54" Modified  Pool Fence  (Adobe PDF file)

UAF-250  Flat Top with Spear (Adobe PDF file)

UAF-250 Flat Top with Spear Modified  Pool Fence  (Adobe PDF file)

UAS-300  Concave (Adobe PDF file)

UAS-350  Convex (Adobe PDF file)

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