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Privacy Fence Slats for Chain Link Fence

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Measuring Diamond (mesh) for Chain Link Fence

How to Measure the Diamond for Chain Link Fence

The diamond of chain link is measured diagonally in both directions using inside dimensions. If the dimensions are not the same, e-mail us at info@yourfencestore.com with detailed results (how old is your fence, what state are you from, height of fence, both dimensions measured diagonally). You need to know the chain link fence diamond size before you can order fence slats.

The most common diamond sizes for chain link fence: 2" diamond (typically 9 or 11 gauge wire) and 2-1/4" or 2-3/8" diamond (typically 11-1/2, 12 or 12-1/2 gauge wire).

2 inch Mesh Chain Link Fence Chain Link Fence Mesh Size
Above: 2" diamond chain link fence


Large Mesh Chain Link Mesh
Above: This large diamond chain link fence is typically called a 3-1/2" x 5" diamond.
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