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Deluxe Flagpoles and Telescoping Flagpoles

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Boat Dock and Deck Mounts for Telescoping Flagpoles

You can install the flagpole on a deck or boat dock, or you can take the flagpole with you to a vacation home. One of our easy-to-install Boat Dock and Deck Mounts is the perfect solution. These strong, durable, solid aluminum mounts stand up to marine environments -- and they give a handsome, professional look to the installation.

We offer two styles, depending on how the pole is to be mounted. If a customer wants to install the mount on the top of the deck or boat dock surface, the right choice is our Horizontal Mount.

If they want the mount on the side of a dock or other vertical surface, they should use our Vertical Mount.

Both Mounts come with four predrilled holes (Mounting Hardware included). The flagpole simply slips into the top of the mount, and is held there securely.

These mounts are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, made for years of trouble-free service. The length of the tube is 12 1/2".

Vertical Deck Mount

Flagpole for Decks Flagpole for Docks
Vertical Dock Mount

Telescoping Flagpole

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