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Deluxe Flagpoles and Telescoping Flagpoles

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Telescoping Flagpole Extends Easily

Flagpole Locks into Place with No Twisting or "Searching" Needed.

The patented design eliminates the twisting required to extend most telescoping flagpoles. (Many poles don't even offer a telescoping mechanism.) You simply extend each section of the pole one at a time, and they snap automatically into place -- you don't have to search to engage the locking mechanism.

To lower the pole just press the stainless steel buttons on each section. Our exclusive Locking Safety Collars help prevent children or casual contact from accidentally lowering the pole.

Telescoping Flagpole Extends Flagpole needs no twisting needed Locking safety collar for flagpole
Flagpole Made in the USA Patented Flagpole

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