How to Install Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground

Bias Cut for Slopes

We get asked all the time how do you install chain link fence for uneven ground. Most fence contractors and installers call this a bias cut. This is fairly easy and straight forward. Make sure your posts are installed straight up and down (vertical). This picture below shows a fence installed on a slope. This fence has privacy slats and is six feet high. The sections of fence on both sides of the bias are on even ground. Let’s learn how to install the middle section (bias) that is on the slope. The chain link fence on the slope is its own section of chain link fence – not connected to the sections on the sides. On both ends of the bias you will notice that this section has its own tension bars and brace bands. If you are not familiar with this terminology you can visit this section of our website that has detailed information on how to install chain link fence. We have found it is easier to install the flat (horizontal) areas first and then install the sections that have a slope last.

A chain link fence with slats was chosen because it is easier to see the angle of the chain link installed on a slope.

The red circles indicate where the chain link has been cut to accommodate the bias (bias cut). The terminal post on the downhill side of the slope usually needs to be taller.

At the bottom of the slope there are more cuts towards the top and at the top of the slope there are more cuts at the bottom.

The picture illustrates how much excess needs to be cut off. Everything to the left of the blue line needs to be cut.

The picture below is a close-up showing the cut wire.

Note: Before installing a fence make sure you have the proper tools, there are no building restrictions that would prevent you from installing a fence and you have the proper authority and or permits required.

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