How to Install Privacy Fence Slats into Chain Link Fences

Fence Slats are fairly easy to install. Typically most slats take 20 to 45 minutes to install per bag. The amount of time may vary due to height and type of slat. If your fence is old and bent at the bottom it may require a little extra work to guide the slats down into the fence. If you look from the top of the fence down you can see where the slats will be installed.

Some people think fence slats are installed diagonally or need to be woven in and out of the chain link. This is NOT the case. Fence Slats are inserted vertically down through the chain link fence. Most bags of fence slats will have 78-82 slats (depending on the style) per bag to cover 10 feet of fence. Below are close up pictures of each slat showing how to install.

Lite Link / EZ Slat – “M” shaped. Slat locks at the bottom in the locking device.

Feather Lock – This fence slat is self-locking. The top several inches is wider than the rest of the slat – this is the locking device. This makes for a fast and easy installation.

Wing Slat – This fence slat is self-locking.
The entire slat is wider than most providing very good privacy.

Bottom Lock – Probably the most well known fence slat on the market. Inserts easy into the fence and locks into place at the bottom with the locking device.

Hedge Link – Some people call this the Christmas tree slat.
Provides good coverage and looks like a garden hedge.

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