Installation for Mowstrip – Fence Weed Barrier and Weed Stopper

Before Mostrip Installation

After Mostrip Installation

About the only tool required is a saw or a good pair of tin snips. Just something good to cut the plastic. Some customers have told us they used a good pair of scissors.

The Mostrip intersections are available in square or round holes with different diameter of holes (blank intersection connectors can also be ordered). It is important for us to know the size and type of post to be used with the mowstrip.

Picture shows the top of the mowstrip section that is installed between the posts (long piece – 6 foot, 8 foot or 10 foot long sections).

Bottom of the mowstrip (long piece). You can see the ribs for added durability and strength.

You might have to pop out a spacer ring (knock out) on the intersection depending on the size of your posts.

Backside of the mowstrip intersection connector. You can see the grooves on the edges that the long piece slides into.

Cut from the side to the middle of the intersection. This is done so it can be installed around the posts. If your posts are installed but the chain link has not been installed yet, you can slide the mowstrip connector down over the post eliminating the need to cut it.

Slide the mowstrip intersection around the post.

Slide mowstrip long piece into the intersection (backside shown for installation purposes).

Completed mowstrip installed

Configuration for a corner post. A notched piece will have to be cut on one of the long pieces that goes between the intersections. The notched piece is on the bottom and the intersection is on the top.

The mowstrip shown above is the completed installation for a corner post.

Please make sure you follow safety guidelines and follow the instructions on any power tools or other devices that you use. It is always a good idea to wear safety glasses. Some people think it is best to wear gloves where other do not. Use your best judgment and be smart. We won’t be liable for any injuries or damages.

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