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PP90 – Polypropylene (94%)


Windscreen can attach to any fence to give you an easy and economical solution to just about any outdoor court or field enclosure. Use it to block wind disturbances, unwanted onlookers or other distractions.

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A Customized Windscreen is great for dog kennels, tennis court screening, construction sites, baseball fields, temporary fencing, dog runs, deck screen, privacy windscreen, shade cloth and more.

Manufactured from a variety of the toughest fabrics available. You can choose weave openings from 70% to 100% to meet all privacy, wind and background requirements.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 0.5 in

4 years


Black cable ties for securing to fence


230 CFM

Fabric Type


Privacy/Shade Percent



PP90 – Polypropylene (94%)



Product Code Fabric Type Weight Oz./Sq. Yd. Percent Shade Available Colors Air Flow (Cubic Feet per Minute) Warranty
VCM9X12 Top-seller Vinyl Coated Polyester 8.2 84% Forest Green, Kelly Green, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, Red, Maroon, Purple, Orange, Brown, Black, Gray, Tan, White 340 CFM 4 years
PP85 Polypropylene 5.0 85% Forest Green, Black 335 CFM 4 years
PP100 Polypropylene 5.6 96% Forest Green, Black 175 CFM 4 years
PP90 Polypropylene 7.7 94% Black 230 CFM 4 years
TPE86 Polyethylene 5.5 84% Forest Green, Black 499 CFM 4 years
PE90 Polyethylene 5.5 90% Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Black 390 CFM 4 years
VCP1800 Solid Vinyl (polyester reinforced) 18.0 100% Maple Green, Royal Blue, Red, Gray, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, Kelly Green, Sky Blue, Purple, White, Tan None 4 years
Wind Load: There are so many variables with windscreen let alone the structure integrity of the fence. Before installing wind screen, you want to make sure the fence can handle the wind load. The above information indicates how much air flow the material has. The wind load capacity will be determined on the fence structure - how far the post are cemented into the ground, how much wind, the direction of the wind, the gauge of posts, how much cement was used for the fence posts, mesh size of fence, gauge of wire, etc. The wind flaps will last longer in the VCM9X12 material. Also, it helps if there is several inches with no screen at the bottom of the fence. This helps the wind flow. Sometimes you will need to get an engineer involved to determine if windscreen is a suitable product for your application.
Windscreen Features:
  • Maximum UV Sunlight Protection
  • Ultra-Strong 6-Ply Construction at the Hem - 4 plies of reinforcing binding plus 2 plies of windscreen
  • Black 1 - 1/2" Wide Hems - sewn with 4-ply black polyester thread
  • Brass Tooth Grommets - spaced 18" apart on all sides
  • Center Lacing Lip included for over 6' high wind screens
Custom Wind Screening Options:
  • Boxed Air Vents or Wind Flaps for extreme wind conditions (as seen with tennis courts)
  • Custom Brass Grommet Spacing
Warranty: All privacy fence screen is fully warranted against fabric and manufacturing defects. Prorated warranty against breakdown from UV sunlight. Over 6 feet screening, center lacing lip must be ordered or warranty will be voided. Dog Owners: If you need shade for your dogs you can customize a sun block top for your dog kennel. This is the perfect dog screen to help keep your pet cooler in the summer heat. Our most popular sun block top is the PP90 or PE90.
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