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Rhino Rock - Concrete Fence Walls

Rhino Rock Concrete Fence
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Rhino Rock concrete fence has been designed and engineered to be affordable and light-weight.

Each Rhino Rock fence sections are 6 feet high and 9 feet wide and only weighs 270 pounds, compared to concrete panels which weighs over 2,500 lbs. Weighs 90% less than a heavy traditional pre-cast concrete fence. Rhino Rock is light weight and a three man crew can install between 300 and 600 feet per day with no heavy equipment. Lighter weight translates into lower costs - installation and materials.

Rhino Rock concrete fence panels are manufactured with a high performance fiber reinforced concrete outer shell with a strong structural foam core. Has been tested to withstand 140 mph wind load.

Rhino Rock concrete fence is for commercial, industrial or residential installations. This concrete fence system is designed to last a life-time. Rhino Rock was first manufactured in 2009.

  • Each panel is 6' H x 102" L
  • Panels weigh 270 lbs.
  • Withstands 140 mph wind load factor
  • Concrete fence is virtually maintenance free
  • Withstands snow and water
  • Is dimensionally stable
  • Is not affected by seasonal temperature changes
  • UV stable
  • Green product - 50% of concrete is made from recycled material

Can be stained on site with a variety of color options
to compliment your house or surrounding environment.

Pricing: Rhino Rock is typically 25% less than a concrete fence.

Approximate Price: $44.85 per lineal foot (freight not included)

Rhino Rock Installation Video

Rhino Rock Concrete Fence Specifications
Dimension of concrete fence panel72" x 102"
Weight of concrete fence panel270 lbs.
Weight per area4.9 lbs/ft 2
Thickness of panel4.5"
EPS foam core thickness2.5 - 3.75"
Glass fiber reinforced concrete shell thickness5/16"
Percent glass fiber by volume4 - 4.50%
Compressive strength of proprietary concrete mix design5,800 psi
Ultimate tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced concrete1,400 - 2,100 psi
Wind load capacity of panel140 mph with 1.6 safety factor
Axial load capacity of panel1,100 lbs / lineal foot
Moisture absorption of EPS foam core by total immersion< 4%
Combustibility of glass fiber reinforced concrete shellNon-combustible
Freeze / thaw performance200 freeze thaw cycles with no damage
Derby, fungus or mushroom attackNone
Termite food sourceNone

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Concrete Wall Diagram

rhino rock concrete fence

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