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Wind and Privacy Screen for Chain Link Fences

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Customized Windscreen
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In-Stock Windscreen

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Clearance Windscreen

Option 3
Printed Logo Windscreen

Baseball Distance Markers, Banners, Signs and more..

Printed Logo Windscreen

Artwork Requirements for Full Color Printed Windscreen

Email files to: screen@yourfencestore.com
Material Options: Can be printed on mesh wind screening or solid vinyl

Our Large Format Printing department is capable of handling most kinds of digital art files. We create, support, and convert files to PDF’s from the following applications:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator .eps (or comparable) files are the most ideal for large format reproductions. These “vector-based” files can scale to larger sizes without any image deterioration.
Final file formats include: .tif, .jpg, .psd, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .ind. All images included in files must be CMYK.

(Please ask your sales person if you have files created by programs other than what is listed.) If you create artwork in any other application, please convert the final file to a Press Quality PDF.

 All fonts being used within a layout MUST be accompanied with the artwork in PC format. Some applications allow you to convert all fonts to outline-form in lieu of providing the font files.

Digital images and raster files (i.e. Photoshop – jpg, tiff) need to contain an appropriate amount of image data to ensure reproductions that are not flawed by pixilation or aliasing. Our recommended resolution for Raster files is 72ppi (pixels per inch) at the final output size. If your images do not scale out this high, or your images are larger than what can fit on your transportable media, then try using this formula:

Standard Resolution: 300 / Viewing Distance = PPI
High Resolution: 600 / Viewing Distance = PPI

For example, if your banner hangs in a show booth, and the booth is 10 feet deep and you want the highest resolution possible, you would divide 600 by 10. The result would be 60 PPI at the final output resolution.

All jobs should include a color proof, and where applicable, pantone colors should be called out for our matching purposes. If a print out is not received, the customer must sign off on the job before work can begin. Please be aware that color laser printer or desktop inkjet printers do not print accurate colors and therefore cannot be used for color matching purposes.

 For a small fee, we can print a portion of your artwork on the requested substrate within a reasonable time to be sent to you for approval.

We are unable to detect corrupted or flawed files until the time of printing which can be the day before or the day of promised completion. Due to this fact, we ask that you prepare your files according to these specifications to avoid any delays. If you feel you need additional information or want to verify proper preparation, please call your sales representative.

Options for Outfield Distance Markers

Letters: Block style with standard font
Letter Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Athletic Gold, Royal Blue, Red
Material Colors: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Orange
Material Options: Applied to mesh wind screen or solid vinyl
Letter Heights: 14", 24", 30", 36", 42"

Baseball Outfield Distance Marker Printed on Vinyl
Baseball Outfield Distance Marker Printed on Vinyl

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