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Chain Link Fence with Decorative Privacy Slats already Installed into the Wire

Noodle Link Plus - Chain Link Fence with Supreme Privacy Slats

Noodle Link Plus is the best choice for a privacy chain link fence. The patented slat design provides approximately 98% privacy. The slats are held in place with flexible round tubes at the top and bottom of the slats. The slats and noodle are installed at the factory so all you need to do is unroll the fence and attach it to the framework. Great for residential or commercial fencing.

Noodle Link Plus Features:

  • Includes 2" x 2" mesh chain link fabric and regular privacy slats
  • Approximately 98% wind load and privacy factor (based on wire and installation tension)
  • Double wall slat with wings for privacy
  • Heights Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 feet high
  • Comes in 25' rolls with 5' increments
  • Slats are available in 9 colors
  • Available in galvanized 9 gauge wire
  • Available in 9 gauge finish 10 gauge core fused and bonded vinyl coated wire - 7 colors to choose from
  • Fifteen year, pro-rated limited manufactures warranty

Pricing and Quote

End view of Noodle Link Plus Fence Slat
End view of the Noodle Link Plus Slat
Noodle Link Plus Privacy Fence
Top of Fence

Noodle Link Plus Bottom of Fence
Noodle Link Bottom of Fence

Noodle Link Plus Rolled Up
Noodle Link rolled up ready for shipment

Wire Gauge for Chain Link Fence
Wire Gauge
The higher the gauge the thinner the wire. Typically 11 gauge wire is used for residential and 9 gauge wire is used for commercial. The wire we use is galvanized before it is woven to eliminate burrs and leaves a clean smooth look.
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