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Hedge Link Slat for Chain Link Fence Natural Hedge Look


Hedge Link privacy slats create a natural hedge look on chain link fence.

Number of Boxes (each box covers approximately 10 linear feet of fence)
Shipping Included (see details below)

Hedge Link privacy slats requires no maintenance, water or trimming. Core is made with two 16 gauge galvanized wires twisted together. Fits most diamond sizes: 1 3/4″”, 2″”, 2 1/4″” and 2 3/8″”. The smaller the diamond size the more privacy.

Other Details:

  • UV protected from harmful rays.
  • Flame retardant (see details at bottom of page).
  • Maintenance Free!!

Shipping Included in the Price: (48 contiguous states only – additional shipping for Hawaii and Alaska). There may be an additional fee when ordering only 1 or 2 boxes of fence slats.

Coverage: Each box contains 82 pieces. For a 2 inch diamond, each box will cover approximately 10 linear feet of fence (depends on how tight your fence is stretched – the average chain link fence with a 2 inch diamond has 41 diamonds for every 10 linear feet of fence).

Shipping Notes: 3′, 7′ and 10′ heights will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks for delivery – special order.

Return Policy: Hedge Link is non-returnable.

Please Note: Depending on your shipping address and quantity ordered, there may be additional shipping charges for 8 ft and higher fence slats. If there is an extra fee, you will be contacted after your order is received.

Hedge Link Slat vs Permahedge Slat

Why do we sell Hedge Link instead of Permahedge for chain link fences?

  • Hedge Link core is manufactured with thicker wire than Permahedge.
  • Hedge Link has a 10 year limited pro-rata manufacturers warranty. The last we heard Permahedge does not have a warranty.

Hedge Link vs. Permahedge

Comparison Chart for Chain Link Fence Slats

Weight .0001 lbs
Dimensions .0001 × .0001 × .0001 in

10 year limited pro-rata manufacturer's warranty.


4 feet high, 5 feet high, 6 feet high, 7 feet high, 8 feet high, 10 feet high

Hedge Link Slat Specifications
  • Wire: 16 gauge galvanized.
  • Film: 5-6 pvc micross. This is according to industry standards.
  • UL Recognition (Film) ASTM DI E 52 PSI
  • Heat Distortion Temp: ASTM D882 6800 PSI
  • Flammability: UL 84 VTM-1
  • Resistance to Grease, Fats, and Oils: ASTM D722 Excellent
  • Resistance to Acids: ASTM D534 Excellent
  • Resistance to Alkalies: ASTM D534 Excellent
  • Hazardous Ingredients: None Film is self extinguishing if involved in fire sustained by other fuel should it ignite. It will give off black smoke, but only in area where fire is generated by outside source.
  • Toxicity Test: Non Toxic, Not listed by OSHA, WOT, Or as IARC as carcinogen.
  • Waste Disposal: Landfill in compliance with local regulations recommended. If must comply with Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  • Transportation Regulatory: Not required by DOT Sara Health Hazards: Acute - no, Chronic - no, Flammability - no, Pressure - no, Reactivity - no
Technical Data
  • Pentalan Rigid Vinyl T F 401
  • Film and Sheet
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