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Ultra Aluminum Fence

Frequently Asked Questions for Ultra Aluminum Fence

Can I install my aluminum fence on a slope?
Yes, you can either use rail ends to step the sections down or the sections can accommodate a 4" grade over 6 feet. You can also order a rackable panel that will accommodate a 12" grade over 6' feet.

I want to put the aluminum fence sections between pillars, how far a part should the pillars be?
When installing one section between pillars the ideal spacing is 72". When installing two sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 144 1/2". When installing three sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 217". When installing four sections between pillars the ideal spacing is 289 1/2". Standard rail ends are used to secure the sections to the pillars. If using adjustable rail ends you might have to trim the sections back. (Calculation used: # of sections x 72", add two inches for every line post, then subtract 3/4" for every side of a line post.)

Can I get sections wider than 6 feet?
Residential grade sections can special ordered 7' wide for an additional 35%. Commercial and Industrial sections can be special ordered 8' wide for an additional 40%. These are a special order and are non-returnable.

How wide are the sections (standard width)?
The standard width for residential sections are 6' wide. The sections will fit into end/corner/line posts 3/4" and secured with screws.

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